Monday, September 2, 2013

Back At It!

We had a wonderful extended holiday weekend! Lunch in San Francisco with a special friend and her dear family (more on this later!), then on to Calistoga in Napa's beautiful wine country. We enjoyed the last of the concerts in the park, the last of Gary's yummy tomato crop, the last summer hours in the mineral water pool, great warm weather, some cleaning, catching up with friends, and so much more. A fantastic salute to a departing summer!

Now, we are ready to be home for awhile, getting back to our routines. I am sorry to see the kids heading back to school, but "to everything there is a season".

I made these little back to school bookmarks with stamps from my pals at Doodle Stampede. Simple, yet fun for kids.

I'll be checking in with all of your creative bogs later today. Thanks for the visit and have a lovely week!


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