Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thanks to my blogger buddy, Sheila!

I have just returned from several days out of town and find that one of my dear blogging buddies, Sheila has awarded me the "Leibster Award"! Apparently Leibster is German for "dearest", which is something I am hardly ever called. "Smart Aleck",  maybe.....ha! The award is a type of "share the love" gesture or arrangement that is given to inspirational bloggers with fewer than 200 followers (I have 40).

Please check out dear Sheila's wonderful blog, "Color Me Happy".  She shares her happiness, her joy of crafting, some precious gems about her lovely family, and lots of wonderful and funny stories. She is a true ray of sunshine!

So, the rules are that I need to:
  1. Thank the giver and link back to her blog
  2. Reveal my five (5) picks
  3. Copy and paste the award on my blog
  4. Hope that those who I have selected will forward it on to their favorite bloggers
It is difficult to select only five bloggers who inspire me. There are so many of you. Some are very "famous" and some, like me are just in it for the fun. I start most of my days checking in with several blogs. Since I am limited to five bloggers, I will share (in alphabetical order)with you:

Anita from "Crafty Girl Designs" - not only does she have a wonderful card-making style, she makes the most amazing wreaths which she shares on her sweet blog! We also get some insights into her dear family. Check it out.

Barb of "Enjoying Life!", who was my very first blogging pal. She is the dearest gal - always has a positive word for us all. And her cards are to die for! She has so many responsibilities here online and at home, I don't know know how she does it - but she does, and with such grace!

Dana of "Reliving Tomorrow" is one uniquely talented gal. She is a real sweetheart, with wonderful projects, sincerely kind words of encouragement, and she is a Filmo crafter and a designer for Staedtelr! How she does it all is beyond me - but she rocks!

Helen of "Handmade Cards by Helen" had become a special friend. Her cards are adorable and she is so good about entering lots of challenges! Check out her sweet blog.

Jen, of "JENerally Speaking" has inspired me in so many ways. She has a terrific graphic style that knocks my sox off and she has a huge heart, especially for furry friends.

Thanks again to dear Sheila for this and for causing me to pause and really appreciate what talent and kindness we have here in blogland - we are all so blessed with each other.


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