Thursday, September 16, 2010

My home is my castle!

While I usually keep my blogs about my cardmaking, today I want to share a bit about my weekend. We were up at our "Hideaway" in Calistoga (Napa Wine Country). It is just spectacular there - the beautiful vineyards magically change their glories with every season and the surrounding hills embrace with splashes of color and shadows. Put that together with the healing mineral water pools and hot tubs, the wonderful weather, the bike rides, the spas, the hot-air balloons, the yummy food, and - of course - the world-renown wines........what can I say? It is truly God's Country!

Our dear friends Sylvia and Susy joined us for some big fun. We visited the Castello di Amorosa, an amazing Tuscan castle and winery. The cut stone, forged metal, and even the torture chamber are all authentic! And the wine-tasting is fantastic. It is a history & wine-making lesson all in one. Check out the photos on the website - unbelievable!

I can't stop making these folded-flower cards - are you sick of them yet? The colors here were inspired by the soft, rich colors of the Castle. Enjoy!


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