Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Glow On!

Folks have asked me what I mean when I say that neon takes me back to the 1960's. They obviously weren't there - or just don't remember - ha!

I was heavily into neon, with all the psychedelic designs, "flower power" and the day-glow rock & roll posters. I also did lots of crafting back then, including neon paper mache and painted rocks.

Here is a photo of how I decorated my bedroom in 1968. Groovey, eh?

Now that neon has become big with card-making, I am right on board! This month's contest at the Hero Arts blog includes using neon and they have new inks to provide the glow. I made this card because it reminds me of the crafts I did in the 1960's.

Hero Arts stamps CL512, CL495 and CG330 were used. The brilliance is difficult to photograph.

Thanks for checking in and have a mellow week!


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