Monday, August 11, 2014

A Twist on a System

Many of you follow the amazing Jennifer McGuire. She shares so many fantastic techniques, as well as generous give-a-ways (I still use the paper cutter I got from her years ago!) and storage ideas (plus an occasional sweet insight into her delightful family). If you somehow don't know her, you must connect with her soon.

A clear stamp storage idea that she shared went absolutely viral and I hopped on board. With my new studio space, I decided to employ Jennifer's "Fridge Binz and Avery Elle envelopes" system for stamp storage.

I basically used Jennifer's concept, but with a few twists of my own. I made my dividers out of Martha Stewart office files that were on clearance at my local office supply store. I like the designs and the weight, and I was able to trim them and get lots of "bang for my buck" (yes, I payed only $1 for a pack of six). I also decided not to use my label maker for all of the dividers and envelopes - my own printing is pretty good, and lots faster & cheaper, so I hand-printed some small labels. Plus, it makes my system uniquely ME.

But, in all honesty, after working with these bins for a few months, I find them heavy and a little awkward. I plan to keep the ones I already have, using them for lighter things (like handmade card and stencil storage).

What I like better are these perfect baskets with really strong handles that I got at Michael's. They are shorter than the Fridge Binz, but the same width, so the Avery Elle envelopes still fit in them nicely. This one (of two) holds my dies. I used 5" x 8" clear plastic zip-lock bags because they are more durable for the dies. I cut pocket inserts for the bags and, for dies with small pieces, I also used a piece of magnetic sheet.

I was reluctant to use these sheets earlier, since I stored my dies right next to my computer. Magnets and computers just don't mix! But in my new studio, my dies are at the other end of my work space, safe from the damage zone. These baskets are less expensive than the Fridge Binz and I find them much easier to grab and store. This is what works for me - now, anyway!

Have a great week! Cooler temps here, so I'm headed outside to play. Thanks for the visit,


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